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Welcome to Batrachiophile Books, a new feature of this site, expanding offline book sales to the internet!

  Although we have offered specialty herpetological literature for years, we now intend to offer a more narrow range online, year-round. This means mainly care and field guides to those groups and regions we are most interested in ourselves. Our offline offerings are much wider, but less regularly stocked. Please feel free to contact us for your needs. We also offer terrarium supplies and plants and a limited amount of journal searching and translating.

  Some reduced rates may be available for sales within Calgary, Canada. Listed prices are in Canadian dollars. US dollars are based on the exchange rate of Friday, December 5, 2003, which is $0.7666 US per $1.00 CD. If you think the rate needs to be adjusted, email us before ordering. Canadian orders will be shipped from Calgary, provided we have stock, by Canada Post. US orders and out-of-stock items may be shipped from the US, by the supplier's preferred method.

Now available in Canada from Batrachiophile Books
Chimaera Books - Mantellas, by Marc staniszewski
A new definitive guide to mantellas

This spectacular new book from reknowned herpetological publishers, Chimaera Books of Germany, is the most definitive guide to date on the Malagasay poison frogs, Mantella. Marc provides extensive information on their biology, natural history and captive care, with all currently recognized species, and most unnamed species and variants also discussed and illustrated. With the help of most authorities on Mantellas, Marc has made a title hard to surpass. I am fortunate to have a number of my own photos included Available in Canada for $65.85, including shipping.($50.48 USD)

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