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White's treefrog

Biography of Andrew Clark

Me and a sociable blue jay
Me with a sociable blue jay at the Calgary Zoo.
Photo by Brian Keating.

I am a 36 year old herpetologist and herpetoculturist living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I am now a Quality Assurance supervisor at Trophy Foods Calgary factory, a volunteer at the University of Calgary Museum of Zoology and in the Graphics Department of the Calgary Zoo. I am also a writer, lecturer, photographer and artist, with contributions in Reptile Life and Reptilian magazines.

My strengths are in taxonomy and evolution, the herptiles of Madagascar, and in particular, toxic amphibians (Mantella frogs and Asian salamanders).

This site is new from scratch as of 10 AM MST April 7, 1998, so please bear with me as I build and modify this site (once or twice a day right now), and please email any suggestions you might have, including possible links (there are some I just don't recall the addresses for at the moment).

Update, April 19, 1998

I've added many links and photos to these pages, renamed the page "Batrachiophile", and made one of my photos temporarily viewable as a blow-up suitable for print use. Many mantella photos are to be added, and I will start to transfer link groups to separate pages as they grow. I have a great interest in herps and wildlife in general, and am something of a surfer, finding some very good sites which might take a great deal of searching for some people to find. I hope I don't try to link them all, but will limit myself to some of the best sites and those which link to many others.

Update, April 27, 1998

I've added a number of links, done some housekeeping, and today I moved the majority of my links (mantellas and herps) out of the mantella page and into a new page, links.html. All pages now have obvious links between them, grouped near the end of each page.


December 5, 2001

After many months of being unable to edit this site, I finally have access again. Yes, it badly needs updating - between expired links, incomplete data, and much new research and photos, I have a lot to add, and a lot of restructuring to do. Please bear with me as I begin the long process.

A related problem has been an email account I was unable to access between Easter and November 2001. Please note that I have NOT seen any mail sent to in that period. My new email is

Photos update!

September 12, 2004

Some photos in the photo gallery changed, links verified, updated or changed. Links on this page updated. Northern Rockies added to Travelogues, and Pacific Northwest Travelogue updated and expanded.

This page has been visited times.

Links of Interest

The Reptile Mall
Marc's Amphibian Page:Marc's interests parallel mine
Online Herpetological Current Contents:Lists recently published articles on herpetology
Online Zoo:Many Madagascar herps, with photos by Franco Andreone
Glades Herp:A reliable and reputable herp dealer
Madagascar photoessay:David Park's online exploration of Madagascar
Zoobook Sales:Eric Thiss and company - a good friend, natural history book dealer, and probably the best supplier of herp books.
Riverfront Aquarium:A large local supplier which continues to provide me with many good photo opportunities.
Flora Resources - flora related news, books and web resources.

Specialty Pages Here


Partner Sites


- Cryptic geckos of Asia, Madagascar and Australia


- Travels in search of reptiles and amphibians

Andrew Clark

2739 Conrad Drive NW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


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